¡We are celebrating a new record! We have reached 20 millions of registers every month.

We are proud to announce that we have already reached the 2 million users registered per month by our demographically segmented influx measurement system. This means that, one of our Smart-Business solutions, is already monitoring and analysing the gender and the age of more than 2 million people a month or, what is the same, 500,000 people a week. And this goal has been reached without taking into account the rest of the solutions offered by imotion Analytics, among which, we have the detection and analysis of customer emotions for the measurement of the customer experience, the detection and identification of vehicles and objects or the emotional and attentional analysis of audiences.

Every day we have more data and resources that allow us to analyze, understand and extract value to help our customers to get a better understanding of their business, get to know better their customers and optimize decision-making.

What implications does this news have?

This milestone not only has effects on a business-level, but it also opens the door to new projects related to big data analytics and the study of patterns that, in the near future, will allow us to predict social behaviours in order to anticipate situations that could be harmful and avoid them before they happen. For example, traffic jams, agglomerations in public transport etc.

Keep on growing!

In any case, in imotion Analytics we are ready to continue growing and increasing the volume of data to transform it into useful information that will facilitate the decision making to clients, individuals and society as a whole.

Facial Recognition: ¿Is technology the future for customer service?

Are you curious to know how satisfied your guests are? Of course, you can ask them to complete a satisfaction survey after the end of your event. But a facial expression says more than a hundred multiple-choice questions. Campanile’s hotel chain in Spain goes back to basics, but with the help of modern technology: through a sensor with video and infrared, it captures the facial expressions and emotions of the guests to measure their satisfaction. The first system for this is already installed in Campanille Cornellà de Llobregat.

The system combines video with infrared to detect the emotions of the guests. The images are processed later and provide data with the experiences of the hotel of the guests. Therefore, it is still not possible to intervene immediately when one of the guests is standing in the lobby with a pout. For this, the hotel chain still needs to depend on the empathic capacity of its employees.

A first in the hotel sector.

The system was developed by Imotion Analytics, which already uses it in the retail sector and in the transport sector. According to the company, Campanile has the scoop for the hotel sector. According to the website of the system developer, the software can, among other things, accurately measure the gender, age category, waiting time and emotional state of the guests.

Camile Gil, project coordinator at Louvre Hotels in Spain explains: “With this new initiative, Campanile collects information from guests about their emotional experience. In this way we can optimize our service protocols to retain our guests and attract new ones. It’s a great step to offer a better customer experience.”

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“We can detect the emotions of the clients”

Biometric Analysis extracts information about age, gender or nationality, and, with Imotion’s Analytics technology, it can stablish the emotional state of a person. This allows companies to define the concrete target where they are headed to knowing which are the sensations that their client experimented.

Murillo is the CEO and one of the founders of this company.
Photo: EA.

Murillo is the CEO and one of the founders of this company.
Photo: EA.

For example, in the hotel industry or in the commercial sector in detail we measure the experience on the different attention spots, and we are capable of not only extract data of the negative or positive emotions, but what’s more we’ve registered a patent on an EPS Index (Emotional Performance Score) which allows to give a unique value that indicates if the evolution on the experience of the client went from bad to good, or the opposite.

What kind of technology is utilized?

There’s the machinery (based in the concept IOT; Internet Of Things), and sensors which combine with average infrareds cameras. We process the information and finally present it to the clients in a really worked way, each department receives the KPI’s (key indicators) or informs they need to the choice of decisions.

One of the features is that it is not intrusive.

We take user data without the need for it to interact with any device and anonymously, a very important requirement. We identify each user and their biometric characteristics but we do not store any personal data, we process the information and the user ends up being an impersonal record in a database.

Can the customer make decisions based on the data obtained?

This is one of our key points. Not only do we offer quality information but also we offer each department the information that is relevant to you when making decisions.

On the other hand, does it also allow to organize the internal operation?

If our customers have information about the different fluctuations or the queues they have, optimizing the number of people working at all times, this not only allows a better return on the business, but also have more staff in the moments of more stress and offer a better service.

Does it work in different sectors?

Our technology and the capacity of adaptation; makes us transverse. As engineers, we never decline any problem; we search for a solution!

Which is the origin of the company?

We founded it at the end of 2015, between two engineers of the UPC and two associates more that came from positions in the retail sector direction and consultancy. We consider ourselves as emergent and of a philosophy of doing and understand things, we believe that this company philosophy should always be like this.

How do you value BBVA’s accompaniment?

When we needed liquidity, experience and counseling, we went for BBVA. The team that accompanies you has a really professional and human behavior that allows you not only to feel secure in the economic decisions but comfortable.

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Imotion Analytics presents its project for the measurement of customer experience in the tourism sector – Jornades ON

Imotion Analytics enters with strength into the tourism sector by providing new ideas for the measurement and optimization of customer experience in an innovative and creative environment. The company Startup is highly grateful to the city of Castelldefels for the invitation received to present the project in the event “Jornades On Innovem” that took place yesterday June 12 and that hosted many different projects related to innovation in different sectors. https://www.jornadeson.com/

The event was a great success welcoming great professionals of the sector and awakening a great interest around the project presented by Imotion Analytics.

Alejandro Murillo (CEO of imotion Analytics) presenting the project during the event.

By the hand of their CEO Alejandro Murillo, Imotion Analytics had the opportunity of presenting their project for measurement and the optimization on customer service by the monitoring of the emotions in a space dedicated to the tourism sector, which took round table form and where various specialized speakers like August Corrons (Professor and investigator in economy and company in the UOC, Ariadna Benet (Founder and consulter of Sustainable-AND), Àngel Díaz (Counselor of the ITR-Responsible Tourism Institute) or Eduard Martinez (Counselor in Smart Cities for the company INDRA) among others. During the event, a space where projects and ideas were shared and where all together had the opportunity, not only to present their own ideas and projects, but to learn from others.

The companies of Castelldefels Imotion Analytics and Twilala win the awards Wonderful in Barcelona.

The awards count with the support of the city council of Castelldefels, given that it’s addressed of a proposal that has as objective the promotion of innovation.

The council of Economic Promotion in Castelldefels, Eva López (PSC), together with the manager of the shopping center Anec Blau, Ana Torres, gave the last 20 of June the awards of Wonderful to Imotion Analytics in the category of Smart Cities and to Twilala in the category of innovative ideas. Imotion Analytics, is one of the companies from the Incubator of the Spatial European Agency situated in “Parc Mediterrani de la Tecnologia” while Twilala is situated in “Espacio de Coworking de la Guaita”.

Imotion Analytics searches the sustainability and the efficacy of the services that cities offer to their citizens and, for that, they developed a system capable of measuring and predicting the influx, detect the gender and the age of people, just like what their emotional state is. This solution offers information of the value to the agents for a better administration of the services, idealizing the resources, to be able to react immediately and even anticipate to any setbacks, etc. Some examples of the beneficiaries of this solution would be the transport, information offices, city councils etc.

On their behalf, Twilala is an innovative startup with their application already in its initial functioning and which it puts at disposition an app where it’s possible to contact with other people, in chat groups geolocated and according their own interests or hobbies. This tool facilitates the communication between the society, allowing to participate and create concrete groups for some matters or concrete hobbies.

Thanks to Wonderful, both companies get to receive an amount of prices focused on supporting with the access to financing or private inversion thanks to the program BStartup of the Bank Sabadell or the inversion vehicle in Startups of Indra. Access to Global Entrepreneur Program of IBM valued on 12.000$ and to Wonderful LAB, which entail a variety of solutions and technic support for the adequate development of the companies or winning Startups.

Besides, in the category of Innovative Ideas, Wonderful awards with a course of undertaking of the MIT, imparted by Francisco’s University in Vitoria, a tablet and other additional prices to support.

Thanks to the promotion of the Anec blau Shopping Center, property of LAR Spain, and the collaboration of the City Council, through the Department of Economic Promotion, the Wonderful Project has been developed, with the purpose of supporting and promoting innovation as an essential principle of economic development and of society.

Wonderful has been developed simultaneously in the provinces of Albacete, Alicante, Barcelona, ​​Toledo, Madrid, León, Lugo, Pontevedra, Vizcaya and Valencia. It had two categories in which innovative business projects have participated. The category of “Smart Cities” was aimed at Innovations or solutions that improve the quality of life of citizens with respect to their city. The category of “Innovative Ideas” rewards them in any field and in a degree of initial development.


Double recognition for Imotion Analytics which is consolidated as the most innovative Startup.

This has been a great week for Imotion Analytics which is consolidated as a big actor in the new applied technologies sector and innovation after being awarded with two prices of huge relevancy in only one week.

The first award was given by the Association DEC to the most innovative project on client experience all thanks to a joint project that Startup of Barcelona and the hotel chain Campanile started with the objective of improving the experience of the clients in the hotel. In the award ceremony, which was located in Madrid, awarded the development and application, in part of Imotion Analytics, of a system capable of measuring in a continued and not intrusive way, the experience of the clients through the monitoring of their emotions during the customer service process, which take place at the hotel’s reception. Thanks to this system developed by Imotion Analytics, the hotel chain Campanile had accomplished an improvement in the experience of the clients saving costs and foresees to extend this innovation at an international scale.

“Oscar Peón, (Associate founder of Imotion Analytics) and Camille Gil (Project Coordinator in Campanile) receiving the award DEC.”

It’s a great moment for the Start Up of Barcelona, since some days ago it was receiving the award “Project Wonderful” to the most innovative in Smart Cities for the development of a system that applies the new technologies to the management of public services of transport. This system is able of measuring and predicting the influx allowing an ideal management of the resources improving this way the services of transport in the big cities.

“Alejandro Murillo, CEO of Imotion Analytics, receiving the award Project Wonderful.”

Both awards have had a really positive impact for Imotion Analytics which sees all of their efforts to open new paths and be pioneers in different sector have the recognition deserved and be rewarded. The Startup of Barcelona, which is specialized in the development of solutions for the retail sector, has been opening new ways in other sectors with wise choice and success just how these two awards for innovation demonstrate.


Video: Interview in the awards DEC’s gala for the most innovative project- Imotion Analytics & Campanile


The award was given by the Association DEC to the most innovative project on client experience all thanks to a joint project that Startup of Barcelona and the hotel chain Campanile started with the objective of improving the experience of the clients in the hotel. In the award ceremony, which was located in Madrid, awarded the development and application, in part of Imotion Analytics, of a system capable of measuring in a continued and not intrusive way, the experience of the clients through the monitoring of their emotions during the customer service process, which take place at the hotel’s reception. Thanks to this system developed by Imotion Analytics, the hotel chain Campanile had accomplished an improvement in the experience of the clients saving costs and foresees to expand this innovation at an international scale.

“Neuromarketing is growing to develop strategies focused on improving the emotional experience on clients.”

Interview with Alejandro Murillo, coo founder and CEO of Imotion Analytics

Imotion Analytics applies technology so companies with who they work with are able to fit strategies to their client’s needs. Recently, a joint experience with the hotel chain Campanile obtained the recognition for the most innovative project in this area.

You are experts in biometric analysis of people and in Neuromarketing. What does it consist of?

The biometric analysis of people is not only to detect human bodies with sensors, but to also extract information about their gender, age or their emotional state, with which the only limit of analysis is your own imagination. That is when Neuromarketing gains this momentum to develop strategies to improve the emotional experience of the clients.

What kind of information do you obtain?

We obtain information about age, gender and emotional state. This allows to measure and segment the influx and the transit of people and observe its variations. The raw data is captured by the sensors using the concept IOT. This data is sent to the cloud, where different algorithms of “machine learning” are applied enabling us to transform the useful information to be covered and adapted to every analysis model for each client.

Does it allow you to anticipate to the clients’ needs?

Yes, it does, and also to possible problems. This way, the decisions made with the data are objective and reliable. We measure in detail what happens in a business: we can calculate the conversion ratio’s segmented according to the typology of the client or measure the 100% of the experiences in a reliable, direct and non-intrusive way.

¿Can this methods be against ethics?

The law is really clear. We do not register individual data. We aggregate impersonal data collected in blocs in order to provide the decisions taken by the clients, without invading the privacy of the people. In summary, we do not link the information to the individuals.

How do you propose the adequate solutions to accomplish your goals?

Every client ends up basically becoming an “ad hoc” project so, therefore the strategies of action can vary quite enough. Before carrying out the installation, we elaborate a design adapted to the necessities of every client according to their own objectives. Once the system is installed and we recollected the data we can make the first analysis of situations and apply the consultancy service to propose improvements and observe the evolution of the results.

What kind of role played BBVA in your everyday?

We worked with three banking entities when we needed rapid solutions: punctual liquidity to start a project, methods and billing formulas, also for extra-community clients with less economic impact. With BBVA we found the kind of relation that can be had with a “partner” who gets involved instead of just keeping their position as any other provider.

What future challenges do you have as a company?

The constant innovation. The velocity of technology and scientific upgrades, all together with social conducted changes, open paths to new ideas which will inevitably transform the industry and market. The objective is to bring the clients before this information.

Imotion Analytics in Radio Flaixbac.

Imotion Analytics and their project on smart-business were the stars in a space that radio Flaixbac offers to analyze periodically new technologic trends like machine learning or facial coding and, on the other hand, look over the most promising companies on the national scene in this field. Imotion’s team is more than proud of all the recognition that their project is receiving: “We are really grateful to radio Flaixbac for mentioning Imotion’s project as one of the most innovative and promising projects of the moment. This motivates us to continue working on opening new unexplored paths with the development, adaptation and application of new scientific advances in different sectors”.

Campanile’s hotel chain keeps on trusting Imotion analytics and installs their system based on client’s experience measurement in Madrid.

Campanile’s hotel chain decided to trust Imotion Analytics in 2018 with the goal of carrying out a pioneer initiative on the Spanish hotel sector, by installing at one of their hotels in Cornellà (Barcelona) a system to detect the client’s facial expressions to measure and improve their experience in the hotels. Right after the success obtained, the hotel chain decided to install the same system at their own establishment in Alcalá de Heranes (Madrid).

As the Project Coordinator of Campanile informs, Camille Gil, the detection of the emotional reactions in the guests has enabled them to improve their protocols on customer service, all due to the system. With the information obtained, they can measure the impact they cause on the guests, this allows them to attract new clients and grow their loyalty.

From Imotion Analytics we celebrate that the hotel sector begins to value the huge potential that investing in technology represents to improve their businesses through the measurement of customer service, and we are grateful that Campanile continues to bet for new technologies and the analytic possibilities that these measurement methods are offering.

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