Penal Compliance

IMOTION ANALYTICS S.L., hereinafter simply referred to as Imotion, has a criminal risk prevention plan and an organizational structure that controls compliance with the law in the activities carried out. Compliance with the law, internal company regulations, protocols, procedures and the Code of Ethics and Conduct, which will be available on the website, will be constantly verified.

Any person related to Imotion, regardless of their condition, must comply with current legislation and respect the policies established in the Code of Ethics and Conduct. As a result of the commitment to legality and the principles set forth in our Code of Ethics, Imotion will not maintain contractual or commercial relationships with any subject that does not respect the policies contemplated therein.

Imotion has a whistleblowing channel through which any subject may notify the Compliance Officer of breaches of the law or ethical principles by any member of the company in the exercise of their duties. The protection of the whistleblower is guaranteed in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legislation. Complaints may be made anonymously and, in any case, will be processed confidentially. For the filing of complaints, an email must be sent to the following address

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