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Nowadays it is possible to analyse customer behaviour and satisfaction by identifying facial expressions.


In a market plenty of competitors, companies focus their efforts on loyalty programs, trying to create a better customer experience. A satisfied consumer is more likely to repeat his visit or recommend the store.

How to measure customer satisfaction? Usually people don’t say what they really think, but not because they lie, but because the majority of our cognitive processes are unconscious. Therefore, the company imotion Analytics has developed a biometric analysis technology, which combines video and infrared light to detect customers emotions through facial recognition.

This technology allows us to know client opinions in a non-intrusive way and in a much more precise way than traditional techniques. It is a pioneering system in Spain, developed by imotion Analytics, a Startup Technology company from Barcelona born in 2014 at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

In addition to monitoring the emotional state, this innovative technology allows us to measure traffic segmented by gender and age in areas of interest. It is able to offer information about workloads per employee, customer demographic insights, the capture and conversion rate among other outputs that exponentially optimize the strategic decision-making process.

The Campanile hotel chain has already installed this technology to identify the facial expressions of its clients at the reception of the hotel, generating a great media impact. In this way, the hotel receives combined information that allows it to measure its guest’s satisfaction, evaluate its performance in customer experience and optimize care protocols.

In this way, the usefulness of this service extends to a wide variety of sectors in addition to the hotelier, such as retail and transport, two sectors in which imotion analytics are already working with several clients.

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