Fraud Detection

Help yourself with Artificial Vision in detecting fraud

Monitoring of fraudulent access to public transport or events

  • Detection, identification, classification and notification in real time of different forms of fraud 24/7, in the transport sector.
  • Monitoring dashboard: access to web platform to view data in real time.
  • Alert management: parameterization of alerts with notifications on dashboard, via email, possibility of connecting clients APP, etc.
  • Customer Data Intelligence Included: Measurement of influxes in real time, 24/7 and segmented by traveler demographic profile, bicycle count, suitcases, hand luggage and other objects.

Main Fraud Detection Models Monitored

Monitoring “little train”

Monitoring “jump out of lathes”

Monitoring “jump of lathes”

We can train our algorithms to identify other forms of fraud in public transport, based on the characteristics of the turnstile, location, etc., totally tailored to your needs.

They learn through real situations and the video signal installed for access monitoring.

Dashboard & KPI’S

All information can be consumed through an API or through our specific Dashboard for the transport sector, carried out in collaboration with Renfe.

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