Traffic Analyser

Herramienta Traffic Analysis

Automated counting

of incoming and outgoing vehicles, bicycles, suitcases, pets, etc., by time slots

Capacity monitoring

the total parking capacity and by type of parking spaces (disabled, special vehicles, etc.) and counting of objects (suitcases, etc.) that remain in a specific physical space

Real-time reporting

of the information obtained and connection to Apps

Access to information through BI system

with graphs, data history, trends, etc.
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In 2020 we have developed and implemented for the Metropolitan Transport Authority (ATM) a project consisting of the installation of autonomous cameras to measure capacity levels in Renfe car parks. Specifically, thanks to the Traffic Analyzer we are monitoring and offering information on:
  • Vehicle counting entry / exit
  • Real-time monitoring of total free places
  • Real-time monitoring of free places for the disabled
Due to the fact that there was no continuous power supply or communications network in the parking lot, we installed cameras with an auxiliary power system connected to the night lighting street lamps, feeding the cameras during the day by an autonomous battery system, and a communication system. autonomous 4g.

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To access the Traffic Analyzer data, we have developed a customized Business Intelligence system, with web access and configurable alarms. In addition, we offer the information through an API that has been connected to the information services and apps of Renfe, Generalitat de Catalunya, etc.

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