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Biometric Analysis extracts information about age, gender or nationality, and, with Imotion’s Analytics technology, it can stablish the emotional state of a person. This allows companies to define the concrete target where they are headed to knowing which are the sensations that their client experimented.

Murillo is the CEO and one of the founders of this company.
Photo: EA.

Murillo is the CEO and one of the founders of this company.
Photo: EA.

For example, in the hotel industry or in the commercial sector in detail we measure the experience on the different attention spots, and we are capable of not only extract data of the negative or positive emotions, but what’s more we’ve registered a patent on an EPS Index (Emotional Performance Score) which allows to give a unique value that indicates if the evolution on the experience of the client went from bad to good, or the opposite.

What kind of technology is utilized?

There’s the machinery (based in the concept IOT; Internet Of Things), and sensors which combine with average infrareds cameras. We process the information and finally present it to the clients in a really worked way, each department receives the KPI’s (key indicators) or informs they need to the choice of decisions.

One of the features is that it is not intrusive.

We take user data without the need for it to interact with any device and anonymously, a very important requirement. We identify each user and their biometric characteristics but we do not store any personal data, we process the information and the user ends up being an impersonal record in a database.

Can the customer make decisions based on the data obtained?

This is one of our key points. Not only do we offer quality information but also we offer each department the information that is relevant to you when making decisions.

On the other hand, does it also allow to organize the internal operation?

If our customers have information about the different fluctuations or the queues they have, optimizing the number of people working at all times, this not only allows a better return on the business, but also have more staff in the moments of more stress and offer a better service.

Does it work in different sectors?

Our technology and the capacity of adaptation; makes us transverse. As engineers, we never decline any problem; we search for a solution!

Which is the origin of the company?

We founded it at the end of 2015, between two engineers of the UPC and two associates more that came from positions in the retail sector direction and consultancy. We consider ourselves as emergent and of a philosophy of doing and understand things, we believe that this company philosophy should always be like this.

How do you value BBVA’s accompaniment?

When we needed liquidity, experience and counseling, we went for BBVA. The team that accompanies you has a really professional and human behavior that allows you not only to feel secure in the economic decisions but comfortable.

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