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About us

Who we are

imotion Analytics has an expert team specialized in:

  1. Software development engineering;
  2. Biometric analysis and Neuromarketing;
  3. Marketing and Market Research.

This mix of different skills makes possible an excellent product whose primary aim is to provide companies with high-value information.

What we offer

We install our software, collect and integrate the biometric data, providing a demographic information as well as the customer’s experience.

Based on the technology developed by our software engineering team, we provide highly accurate measurements:

Como lo hacemos imotion Analytics
Nosotros imotion sercicio cliente

We collaborate

From the outset, we actively collaborate with our customers and we track all the processes with comprehensive control to achieve the maximum potential.

We prepare customized projects with major flexibility, integrating our information with our customers’ databases to obtain an even higher differential analysis.