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Audience Analyser


And it evaluates the emotional impact and levels of attention of the audience during presentations, talks, announcements and the like, using our facial decoding algorithms.

Solution features

  • Engagement results or level of attention per Speaker / Presentation.
  • Ranking of Engagement by Speaker / Presentation.
  • Engagement evolution graph by Speaker / Presentation.
  • Analysis of the trends of the outstanding papers.

Solution benefits

  • We monitor attendees to congresses, lectures or talks to measure the emotional impact, the ability to generate attention and emotions that the speakers generate in the public
  • We measure emotions to assess whether positive or negative emotions are produced and the degree of them.
  • We measure the level of attention shown by the public
  • We measure the ability to generate attention from the public of the different speakers
  • We analyze the temporal detail to dynamically evaluate each presentation and detect critical moments.

In-depth analysis by presentation or event

We put at your disposal our teams of experts to carry out an in-depth analysis of your presentations or events