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This has been a great week for Imotion Analytics which is consolidated as a big actor in the new applied technologies sector and innovation after being awarded with two prices of huge relevancy in only one week.

The first award was given by the Association DEC to the most innovative project on client experience all thanks to a joint project that Startup of Barcelona and the hotel chain Campanile started with the objective of improving the experience of the clients in the hotel. In the award ceremony, which was located in Madrid, awarded the development and application, in part of Imotion Analytics, of a system capable of measuring in a continued and not intrusive way, the experience of the clients through the monitoring of their emotions during the customer service process, which take place at the hotel’s reception. Thanks to this system developed by Imotion Analytics, the hotel chain Campanile had accomplished an improvement in the experience of the clients saving costs and foresees to extend this innovation at an international scale.

“Oscar Peón, (Associate founder of Imotion Analytics) and Camille Gil (Project Coordinator in Campanile) receiving the award DEC.”

It’s a great moment for the Start Up of Barcelona, since some days ago it was receiving the award “Project Wonderful” to the most innovative in Smart Cities for the development of a system that applies the new technologies to the management of public services of transport. This system is able of measuring and predicting the influx allowing an ideal management of the resources improving this way the services of transport in the big cities.

“Alejandro Murillo, CEO of Imotion Analytics, receiving the award Project Wonderful.”

Both awards have had a really positive impact for Imotion Analytics which sees all of their efforts to open new paths and be pioneers in different sector have the recognition deserved and be rewarded. The Startup of Barcelona, which is specialized in the development of solutions for the retail sector, has been opening new ways in other sectors with wise choice and success just how these two awards for innovation demonstrate.