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The awards count with the support of the city council of Castelldefels, given that it’s addressed of a proposal that has as objective the promotion of innovation.

The council of Economic Promotion in Castelldefels, Eva López (PSC), together with the manager of the shopping center Anec Blau, Ana Torres, gave the last 20 of June the awards of Wonderful to Imotion Analytics in the category of Smart Cities and to Twilala in the category of innovative ideas. Imotion Analytics, is one of the companies from the Incubator of the Spatial European Agency situated in “Parc Mediterrani de la Tecnologia” while Twilala is situated in “Espacio de Coworking de la Guaita”.

Imotion Analytics searches the sustainability and the efficacy of the services that cities offer to their citizens and, for that, they developed a system capable of measuring and predicting the influx, detect the gender and the age of people, just like what their emotional state is. This solution offers information of the value to the agents for a better administration of the services, idealizing the resources, to be able to react immediately and even anticipate to any setbacks, etc. Some examples of the beneficiaries of this solution would be the transport, information offices, city councils etc.

On their behalf, Twilala is an innovative startup with their application already in its initial functioning and which it puts at disposition an app where it’s possible to contact with other people, in chat groups geolocated and according their own interests or hobbies. This tool facilitates the communication between the society, allowing to participate and create concrete groups for some matters or concrete hobbies.

Thanks to Wonderful, both companies get to receive an amount of prices focused on supporting with the access to financing or private inversion thanks to the program BStartup of the Bank Sabadell or the inversion vehicle in Startups of Indra. Access to Global Entrepreneur Program of IBM valued on 12.000$ and to Wonderful LAB, which entail a variety of solutions and technic support for the adequate development of the companies or winning Startups.

Besides, in the category of Innovative Ideas, Wonderful awards with a course of undertaking of the MIT, imparted by Francisco’s University in Vitoria, a tablet and other additional prices to support.

Thanks to the promotion of the Anec blau Shopping Center, property of LAR Spain, and the collaboration of the City Council, through the Department of Economic Promotion, the Wonderful Project has been developed, with the purpose of supporting and promoting innovation as an essential principle of economic development and of society.

Wonderful has been developed simultaneously in the provinces of Albacete, Alicante, Barcelona, ​​Toledo, Madrid, León, Lugo, Pontevedra, Vizcaya and Valencia. It had two categories in which innovative business projects have participated. The category of «Smart Cities» was aimed at Innovations or solutions that improve the quality of life of citizens with respect to their city. The category of «Innovative Ideas» rewards them in any field and in a degree of initial development.